The Bucket Barfbag List

Officially, my list of dreams and wishes is called the Barf Bag list.  Before the movie came out, Oprah talked about writing a list of your desires on her show.  In 1999 I started to write all my wishes down and called it the Barfbag List.  The reason?  When I lived in DC, I traveled 90% of the time.  Being on an airplane all the time, I got too lazy to get a notepad out of the overhead compartment so I wrote all my desires down on the barf bag found in the back of the seat.

Every dream is acheivable.

If you don’t think it’s true, then there is no chance of it ever being true.

What are your goals?!?

Ride camels in Egypt on an  Egypt Family Adventure
Safari in Africa on the  Tanzania Camping Adventure
Masters Degree after the kids are in school in Digital Marketing
Fall in Love
Marriage & Babies
Cafe Au Lait in Springtime Paris
A Pint in Ireland
A Walkabout in Austrailia
Sailing on the Mediterranean in a
Greek Islands Sailing Adventure (Santorini to Mykonos)

Walk the Camino de Santiago
Write a Book/Produce or Make a Movie
Sushi in Shanghai
Have my fortune told in China
Dream house in the country w/ a barn full of chickens, goats, dogs, and maybe a horse.
Go to Buffalo NY and eat Buffalo wings at the Anchor Bar while watching the Buffalo’s play.
Shakespeare Play in London
Make mosaics and visit the Sistene Chapel in Italy
Salsa dancing in Chile
Ride bikes around Easter Island on an 
Active Easter Island
Hot Cocoa in Switzerland after
Trekking Mont Blanc

Belly Dancing in Morocco
Snorkeling in Thailand on a 
Thai Sailing Adventure – Phuket to Phuket

Moto in Scotland
Hike to Machu Piccu through the Sacred Valley on
Inca Discovery

Ride the Autobahn in Germany
Vodka in Russia
Tulips in Amsterdam
Penguins in Patagonia & Antartica on an End Of The Earth tour
A pair of very expensive Manolo Blahniks

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