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You Girls Are So BAD!

Grammy is breathing on her own, and waiting for her daughter to arrive. She “woke” up yesterday and responded well to voices, people in the room, and smiled at us. The doctors are going to take the breathing tube out this morning. With all this good news though, there is sad news. Her heart is six times the normal size because the valves are not working properly. She has told us she doesn’t want to “live” on life support, and

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Gramma Lives!

Yesterday was a very strange day. This story starts during Thanksgiving, when my Grammy was admitted to the hospital for heart trouble. From a prior hospitalization this summer, the doctor made a choice to call hospice. Myself, my cousins Wendee & Shannon, and Aunt Elle planned to meet in Billings on Saturday because we’d rather spend time with Grammy while she was still here rather than attend a service. Aunt Elle, who lives in Tennessee would join us Saturday evening.

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Pineapple Traditions

Pineapple Traditions

Over the holidays at my parents house, my Mom had a fresh pineapple in the corner of the kitchen. Stressed out by the lack of room, she, in the blink of an eye, placed a piece of paper that contained a recipe, right into the pineapple leaves. Unsatisfied with the results, she trimmed the leaves so she could see the paper better. I was frankly amazed because it was one of those things someone does without trying which really comes

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Be an Economical Runner & Save Energy!

Long distance running is learning how to make every move in your body efficient. I spent some quality time pounding the pavement and thinking about how I could become more efficient: Perfect Stride Length Balance w/ Arm Swing Breathing Styles Lengthening Stride: The common theme found from research indicates that increasing the stride increases the amount of energy burned. Ken Mierke of Run Richmond says it best, Few runners understand what a critical role stride length and stride frequencyplay in

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