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Hang on or Slow down, what’s your parenting style?

Hang on or Slow down, what's your parenting style?

As Annabelle grows older, I am starting to face situations I assumed I’d have under control.  For example, last week, I was at the playground.  Annabelle was on the merry go round with another little kid and a mom friend was standing next to me.  There was a 3rd mom lightly pushing the merry go round.  I had Liam in the carrier so I wasn’t much help.  Anyways, a bunch of older kids walked up to the merry go round, […]

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Five family traditions that will make you cool toddler parents

On Saturday mornings, the family snuggles together in our bed.  Liam is tucked into my arms.  The hubby tickles Annabelle and she laughs, pushing his hands away saying, “Honey!” (This sounds strange.  My daughter mimics everything I do at 22 months.  I call my husband ‘Honey’ and not ‘Daddy’ because I think its kind of weird to call your husband Daddy and now she calls him Honey and I am wondering if I should start calling him Daddy?) Anyhoo, last weekend, Honey asked Annabelle to say […]

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How to throw a Daniel Tiger birthday party

How to throw a Daniel Tiger birthday party

Daniel the Tiger on PBS My daughter loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS.  I love Daniel Tiger.  This is a cartoon with episodes that teaches kids about what happens at the doctor  (Daniel gets a shot) or what to do when they have to go potty (stop what you are doing right now and go to the bathroom!) or how to handle themselves when they get mad.  No, I am NOT KIDDING.  Annabelle and I both watch so that I can put to use the tips/songs […]

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Featured @TacklingOurDebt: Debt isn’t sexy, baby!

Featured @TacklingOurDebt:  Debt isn't sexy, baby!

The thing I love about blogging is meeting wonderful people!  In the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sicorra of @TacklingOurDebt.  We started talking on Twitter and one thing led to another ;).  Today, I’m guest posting to share my story of getting into and out of debt.  I was in debt around $30K and I paid it off in two years. It was a crazy time for me that required me to buckle down and […]

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