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Featured @Mompreneurmogul: Moms are Super Heroes wearing High Heels

Featured @Mompreneurmogul:  Moms are Super Heroes wearing High Heels

One thing I’ve learned in life is that if you want your life to be good, start filling it up with good people, like Lisa Cash Hanson.  I met Lisa Cash Hanson through her Momprenueral Mogul’s Get Famous ebook.  I’ve found she is such an amazing woman who lives her dream, every day.  I love that about her and find it incredibly refreshing and inspirational.  I’m guest posting to share an inspirational story about Mom’s and the representative power of […]

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Featured @TacklingOurDebt: Debt isn’t sexy, baby!

Featured @TacklingOurDebt:  Debt isn't sexy, baby!

The thing I love about blogging is meeting wonderful people!  In the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sicorra of @TacklingOurDebt.  We started talking on Twitter and one thing led to another ;).  Today, I’m guest posting to share my story of getting into and out of debt.  I was in debt around $30K and I paid it off in two years. It was a crazy time for me that required me to buckle down and […]

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Thousands Have Turned to Yoga after Pregnancy or Injury…Why Not You?

Guest Post by Adrienne Jurado When you’re just coming home from the hospital, whether it’s after delivering a baby, undergoing surgery, or receiving an intense medical treatment, starting up a yoga practice is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re dealing with not only the physical pain and changes, but the emotional ones as well. There are worries about how different your life will be, the fear of hurting yourself or getting injured again, and the frustration of not […]

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Scary Mommy Book Party Giveaway

Scary Mommy Book Party Giveaway

Have your own Scary Mommy Book Party! This giveaway is 6 books, assorted promotional materials (bookmarks & recipe cards), and a game series to play Scary Mommy confessional in your very own home.  Having a book party is a great reason to have friends over and enjoy some Scary Mommy momments!  If you need help in throwing a party (or in my case, what NOT to do), you can read all about How To Have a Scary Mommy Book Party. Blog About It! […]

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