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First off, I really have to thank two women Heather Armstrong and Jill Smokler.  They have revolutionized blogging landscape for moms and in turn helped SAHM’s feel connected and important.  They helped keep me sane, which I prize above all things, including my family.  Blogging has given me an outlet for my creativity and a place where I can have adult conversations.  Thank you Heather & Jill for keeping it real, and giving the rest of us momma’s a place in this world.  Without further ado, here is my blogging journey.

Getting Started

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I started a blog because I wanted an electronic baby books of sorts.  Baby started to nap about four hours a day and reruns of Law and Order were no longer cutting it.  So, I popped onto Blogger and started writing.  I used Blogger because it was free and easy to use.  After a few months, I grew tired of hustling  my friends to “like” my Facebook page and thought it would be fun to see if I could increase my traffic.

The technical information was great, but more importantly it showed me how to connect to a huge group of moms & bloggers.

A few weeks later, I read Corbett Barr’s article, Write Epic Shit.   Dude.  DUDE!  Seriously, dude.

Corbett’s article changed everything about the way I blogged

My traffic doubled, I met three women bloggers in the Seattle area, and I was astounded and so happy to be welcomed by this community!  Later, I got an email from Corbett’s site, Think Traffic about Traffic School.  Then, I happened to catch a tweet from a blogger friend of mine who was recruiting people for the class.  I love her site, and wanted to be involved in the magic.  I kept seeing his name everywhere I went, it was like the universe was hounding me or something.  So I signed up.

Getting Serious

Corbett’s online course only opens once a year and sells out within days.  I was skeptical of the course at first, having been burnt by the get rich quick schemes (I actually bought the coffee table millionaires gig, ugh).  I went ahead with the course because of the caliber of teachers in addition to the quality of the source and feedback from Bliss Habits.   I AM SO HAPPY I DID.  Quite simply put, amazing.  His information is bar none.  What I love about his site is that he talks (writes) to you on a personal level about integrity, caring about what you do, and creating a business around those ideals.  These are values I care very much about and have helped to change my blogging direction.  When Traffic School opens up again, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • Worked through Start a Blog that Matters and Traffic School simultaneously.  It’s not the recommended route, but it certainly is doable if you put in the time.

  • Based on Corbett’s advice from Traffic School & Start a Blog that Matters and my own online research, I decided to move to WordPress.  The first thing I did was to sign up with Bluehost because it’s recommended by the WordPress folks.
  • I bought an eBook on How to Move from Blogger to WordPress written by Sharon Hijunk.  The book was easy to use and got me where I needed to go.  Sharon uses a different host in this book, but includes the information on switching to Bluehost in the appendix.  It helped me avoid a lot of the pitfalls.
  • I used the U-Design wordpress theme.  It’s incredibly flexible, cheap ($35), the support is incredible, and I am using a very clean, bare bones design.  I have very little coding knowledge and was able to use this theme easily.  I’m really looking forward design phase!
  • I worked through the conversion book, moved my posts over and went live.  I’m making small design changes as I go along.


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