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Me and BabiesMy name is Heather.  In 2011, l I became a ‘Stay At Home Mom’.  I started a blog a few years back when a friend of mine passed away.  Life is short and why not do whatever it is you want to do in this life.  I love to write, so here I am.  Since I started the blog, I’ve done just about everything I wanted like taking life changing vacations, getting into a healthy relationship that ended in marriage (The hubs is called Honey on the blog) & two kids, Annabelle and Liam.  These days, I’m in the kitchen wearing my slippers (which I trade out for a pair of tennies now and then).  My babies are running around with Cricket, my rescue Chihuahua, who is perpetually sniffing around for dropped food.

You matter.  Every day you make a difference even if you don’t always feel it.  I was able to overcome a hearing disability by never giving up (or rather, giving up and then getting back up again :)).  You can read about it here.  It amazes me how little it takes for people to be bamboozled by negativity. That’s why I named the blog RockStew, I wanted to build a place where people can come together and contribute anything.  Which is kind of what I do here.  I like to inspire people with stories of people doing what they love (with or without kids), & eating real foods.  I’m a DIY girl who searches for ways to make my projects green (like upcycling) & convenient, a fair to midland cloth diaper user, and a believer in breastfeeding.

“This blog is about a journey of doing what I love such as exploring personal boundaries, the realm of real foods, and environmental friendly DIY.  I want to teach my kids a few of these things and I’m sure they will teach me a thing or two about life along the way.”

IndiaI give back.  I make it a priority to buy my birthday gifts, books, and anything else I can from the people I’ve met through the blogging and local community.  It’s important to me to support all you Momma’s & Entreprenuers out there who are doing what you love and working to support your families.  I love that and want to help when I can.

Your comments are important to me so feel free to email me personally or comment on the blog.  Please be patient!  Most of the time, I’m able to respond when I can (naptimes) and will try my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Contact:  HeatherRockStew@gmail.com

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