Finding What you are Made of

Pruned Rhody

It has been 9 months since I’ve written here (insert the obvious reference to human gestation.)In that time, Liam has walked. Annabelle started a Spanish Immersion preschool. She is almost potty trained, except when The Backyardigans are on TV. I went to a women’s retreat. I lost forty pounds. My hubby still loves me even though I hate cleaning the house. Our dog Cricket died. We got a new dog Buck.

I wish there was a cute, poignant story I could tell you, but well, OK, maybe there are one or two: Maybe the way Liam likes to dip his binky into the Hummus and eat, which is really cute, but it sounds kind of disgusting as I write the words out. He also likes to say Ay Yi Yi and make realistic animal sounds. Annabelle is in the throes of the overwhelming need to be independent, to run the household so I say, “OK Annabelle. You get to be the Mom and do the dishes, and change Liam’s diaper, and  …” … Her response, “Please step aside.” She marches off in a huff, and makes it from the kitchen to the dining room table where she is immediately distracted by an unfinished Frozen puzzle, yelling at me to come and pretend to be Hans while she is Elsa. Why am I always Hans? My hubby is up to his eyeballs in a bathroom remodel, so it’s fun to tease him, but it’s a little scary when he is working on the Excel spreadsheet. Then there is me. I am joining up for a “Gym” challenge to lose more weight or gain muscle. So that’s the year. I should have written that on my Christmas card …

As to the reason why I stopped for so long … I am working on my manuscript. Getting up at 5am, going to workshops, going to conferences, getting feedback, getting beta readers, and the whole thing is one lovely mess that I absolutely love love love doing. But I had to make a choice on how to spend my time. And I couldn’t do everything. Well, I could, but I wasn’t happy, and who the hell wants to do something they love just to be unhappy. Not this girl. Not this time.

All I have to do is find out what I am made of. Find out what I’m willing to do and what I’m not willing to do in this whole follow your dream deal.

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