Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower in Coconut Oil

Brussel Sprouts & CauliflowerI am having a serious love affair with Coconut Oil.   As many of you already know, there are several fantastic reasons why you should use Coconut Oil:  great taste & healthy for you are the paramount reasons.  As a side note, I recently had my blood tested during Liam’s pregnancy which resulted in a direct quote, “you have the blood of a fourteen year old.”.   I’ve heard many people ask about the oil, as it is saturated, and whether or not that is good for you.  Read this great article by Mercola that helps to explain why this saturated fat is actually good for you despite being, well saturated.

Anyways, I wondered if I could use it while baking Cauliflower.  I had some left over Brussels Sprouts and wanted to tie them together.  I have made Roasted Brussels Sprouts using Coconut Oil and the results were wonderful, it did not have that slimy or gluey texture that sometimes results in cooking Brussels Sprouts.   I liked the results and found that when I mixed the two of them, it was a delicious taste combination as well.  I ate a huge bowl and as a result, ahh well, my stomach about exploded with gas and the Honey kept giving me those looks.  Lesson learned, it’s not a meal, it’s a side dish.

The other benefit I’ve learned is that roasting the vegetables at a high temperature causes caramelization; this is when the acid in the vegetables breaks down and the sugar is released, bringing out their natural sweetness.  This is great for kids who have a sweet tooth that you can satisfy in a natural way, but probably bad for the individual who is on a low carb diet.



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  1. I’m sure you already know that I LOVE coconut oil!!! I use it for everything!! Believe it or not one of our favourite ways to eat brussels sprouts is roasted with garlic in coconut oil!!!! 😉

    • Coco oil is simply SOOO amazing, I am using it almost on everything! I get mine at Trader Joe’s where it’s relatively inexpensive … I’ve been trying it with baking, but it’s a little more difficult to get the ratio down since it is so dense, but working on it!

  2. I’m obsessed with roasting cauliflower! oh man so yummy. never done it with coconut oil…might have try that out. thanks for sharing

    • Roasting the cauliflower releases the natural sugar in the veggie and then w/ the coco oil, it is like a sweet treat! Delish!

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