Featured @Mompreneurmogul: Moms are Super Heroes wearing High Heels

Lisa Cash HansonOne thing I’ve learned in life is that if you want your life to be good, start filling it up with good people, like Lisa Cash Hanson.  I met Lisa Cash Hanson through her Momprenueral Mogul’s Get Famous ebook.  I’ve found she is such an amazing woman who lives her dream, every day.  I love that about her and find it incredibly refreshing and inspirational.  I’m guest posting to share an inspirational story about Mom’s and the representative power of high heels we wear, even if we don’t wear high heels!

moms-are-super-heroes-wearing-high-heels or http://www.mompreneurmogul.com/2013/07/moms-are-super-heroes-wearing-high-heels.html


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