How to throw a Daniel Tiger birthday party

Daniel Tiger and AnnabelleDaniel the Tiger on PBS

My daughter loves Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS.  I love Daniel Tiger.  This is a cartoon with episodes that teaches kids about what happens at the doctor  (Daniel gets a shot) or what to do when they have to go potty (stop what you are doing right now and go to the bathroom!) or how to handle themselves when they get mad.  No, I am NOT KIDDING.  Annabelle and I both watch so that I can put to use the tips/songs that are in the show.  Then, when something is going down, I can always ask, “What would Daniel do” and engage her with conversation that leads to a successful ending.  If you allow your kids to watch some cartoons, I highly recommend this show to help teach kids how to handle relevant situations.

“When you get so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four:  One, two, three, four.  Okay, Annabelle, what is the matter?

Annabelle loves him so much that she choose Daniel Tiger over Holly Hobby, Pinky, and Elmo for a birthday party theme.  So here we are … party time!

The Party Details

I always imagine a spectacular layout, a cornucopia of food, details that would make Martha swoon.  What I’ve learned is that complexity does not equal a great impression.  Better to keep it simple with excellent components.  Too many details can wash out the big picture.  Keeping it simple also keeps me from getting stressed about everything so I can enjoy the birthday party.


I searched through different Daniel Tiger ideas and pinned my favorites on Pinterest!


Toddler Birthday LunchFor toddler parties, they usually happen in the morning/early afternoon because late afternoons are reserved for naps.  In keeping it light and easy, we did the following:

My husband grilled Hamburgers & Hot Dogs.  Chimichurri is a fantastic way to add a twist to your toppings.  It’s easy to make and a great way to try a new food with your kiddo’s that is fairly mild (olive oil, rw vinegar, parsley, cilantro).
Greek Pasta Salad:  The kids loved this and so did the grownups!  (I make mine with scallions instead of onions).
Watermelon, Strawberry, and Grape Salad:  Wash the fruit, toss & go!Daniel Tiger cupcakes


One of my favorite things to do is imagine that I will beautifully decorate cupcakes that taste divine.  I want that complement, “These are awesome!”.  My cousin gave me a Living Social for a dozen cupcakes.  I caved into convenience.  I purchased some easypeasy cupcake toppers online, printed them out & glued together with a cake stick, and stuck them into the cupcakes.  My friend Barbara made her chocolate Texas Sheet cake (which is so delicious and got more compliments than the fancy cupcakes!).

Birthday Girl Outfit

Daniel Tiger iron onI bought a white t-shirt from Old Navy and an iron on of Daniel Tiger that was customized (age and name).  Easy and cute.  I was planning on having her wear a tutu.  She was given one for her first birthday, so I added some brown and red tulle.  On party day, she had no interest in wearing it because it was too big (too fluffy).  I thought little girls loved big tutus and fluffy stuff.  Hmm.  We went with shorts instead.

Cardboard Box Cutout

We purchased some storage cubes at Ikea and had boxes in the garage.  My Dad (whom Annabelle caDaniel Tiger Birthday cardboard cutoutlls Hoppa) painted this awesome cardboard cutout.  At first, the kids thought the box was a huge boat.  Then we showed them how it worked by taking a picture and showing them on the digital camera.  Whether it was a boat or a cutout, the kids LOVED it.  Source or make a 3′ or 4′ tall box by calling a local appliance shop or by taping boxes together.  I highly recommend this activity!  Even if you are not artistic, don’t worry.  Go for it and keep it simple!  Kids love the activity, they are not going to be judging the quality of the art on the box.

Party Gift Bags

Daniel Tiger giftbagsI purchased paper bags and decorated with a paw print stamp and extra printouts from the cupcake toppers.  Inside, I put printables from PBS Daniel Tiger, small pack of crayons, silly putty, and toddler flashcards.  One of the things I do to keep presents cheap and easy is throughout the year, I pick up 10 items at the dollar section in Target and store them in my closet.  Then when it comes to making bags, I just pick out the items I want to use.  I was short a few items, so I mixed and matched some bags.

Kid Activities

We had bean bag toss, a big bucket of balls, and I pulled her art table outside, printed out Daniel Tiger Daniel Tiger printablescharacters from PBS and added crayons.  Surprisingly, the art table was where all the kids congregated.  I also used the tiger paw stamp to decorate the kids as they came through as well.


I decided to help out a good cause and asked for toy donations this year.  We asked for Playdoh or Legos for Seattle Childrens Hospital.  I’m planning on heading downtown with the kids in tow to turn in the toys.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


The party was a success!  The kids had a great time, Moms were able to relax while the kids colored or played in the yard, cleanup was easy, AND we were able to give back to our city.  Yay!


*This post is not sponsored post, I’m simply sharing.  All images and text that are not belong to respective companies including Daniel Tiger PBS.



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  1. Wow, you went ALL out!!! I don’t think I’d have the patience to do all that…although I would have it to prepare a five-course meal, lol! Would you believe that my son has NEVER watched that program?! Maybe when we get back I should start putting it on…he’ll be sick of Dora and Thomas the Train by then 😉

    • Oh haha, I thought I went really simple!! LOL … The plans in my head was much grander :) That’s so funny, I couldn’t do a five course meal!! I so love Daniel because the episodes teaches stuff that my kid listens to. For some reason, Daniel is much more of an authority on how to share at a playdate than I am, go figure?! :)

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