Yogurt Cake (Gateau au Yogurt) using Coconut Oil

Annabelle Yogurt CakeI could also title this “The first time I made a cake with Annabelle”  She’s 22months right now, and a little firecracker.  She is always asking to help me when I make her breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I decided it was time to let her help me make a cake.  I read Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting and in the book, Druckerman talks about how the French involve their kids at a young age in the kitchen.  The first recipe they make is called the Yogurt Cake.  What makes it so easy is that you use the yogurt containers to measure out the ingredients.  Kids (and adults) find that easy to do.  I read the original recipe and modified the recipe a bit to use Coconut Oil instead of Vegetable Oil.

Just a quick side note on why I am choosing coconut oil instead of vegetable oil has to do with a cookbook I was introduced to by my sister in law Yogurt Cake Failcalled Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.  One of the basic premises of the book is that you shouldn’t eat hydrolyzed vegetable oil, that you should go with something a little more natural, like coconut oil.  You’ll need to melt the coconut oil in a pan prior to adding it into this recipe.  Other choices you could use with this cake would be butter or olive oil.

**DISCLAIMER:  While I tried to test this cake out twice, the first time we got sidetracked with a crying baby, a ringing doorbell for grocery delivery, and by then Annabelle tried to eat all the flour and coconut oil, which as you can see, she managed to do.  I forgot to add the sugar and it cooked for about 45m longer than it should have because of reading Pajama Time way too many times and not putting my foot down to tell her to take her nap.  The second time I tried to make this, I failed again.  After saying, “Here, help Mommy by dumping the flour into the bowl” at least seven times and then chasing Delicious Yogurt Cakeher around the house because she thought it was a game and I was hell ass determined at that point, I forgot the baking powder.  So, if you have grown up kids or if you really like coconut oil, I would love to know if this recipe worked out because I am tired.  I will try again soon, but first I gotta rest and then get over this sh**.  I thought it would be fun to cook with my daughter.  Not so much.  My dreams of how I thought I was going to raise a child are being shattered.  Thank you for understanding.

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”250px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Have you cooked with coconut oil and have tips for this recipe?  Have you baked with your kids? Was it successful or not so much? Please share, I would love to hear from you![/dropshadowbox]

5/10/13 Update:  I will try again with Ab, but I am going to try using a recipe that’s already been tested and works, here is a fantastic post from Cake Student about her experience.  I still want to use the Coconut oil rather than Vegetable oil, so will experiment without Annabelle and update recipe.

* Using coconut oil will result in this cake being very dense, like banana bread.  Thus, I’ve lightened up the amount of oil, flour, and increased the baking powder a bit.




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  1. This cake sounds really interesting. I love the combination of the chocolate chips and berries. I wonder if these would make good muffins too? We just started using coconut oil earlier this year. We use it along with almond flour to make pancakes for breakfast. I also used it once to make brownies, but wasn’t overly happy with the way the brownies turned out.

    Glad we bumped into each other on triberr. It is a great way to meet fun new bloggers like yourself :-)

    • Coconut Oil is really interesting. Since I’ve started using it, my blood has gone from being “a 40 yr old” to a “14 year old” crazy huh!? Glad to have met you on Triberr as well :)

  2. This cake sounds delicious! I make a similar one (with honey and lemon zest and minus the fruit and chocolate) Good for you for taking a crack at it…it’s hard cooking with kids (especially when you’re so type-A like me!).

    • I hope so! You’ll have to share the recipe! Honey and Lemon Zest sound delicious plus a lot less sugar. It is hard cooking with kids, which is actually why I liked this recipe, you just have them dump the ingredients in using the container. Thanks for commenting :) :)

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