The Words of my Momma

Our HandsHappy Birthday Mom.  Thank you for being the Mom you were, the perfect mom for me.

When I was five, how did you ever survive?  I kept trying your eye glasses on, I wanted to be just like you.  Of course you took them away, you didn’t want me to ruin my eyes by looking through a pair of perscription lenses.  Don’t be like me, you said, be you.

When I was eight,  you were God.  I loved, adored, and believed my world revolved around you.  In turn, I believed your world revolved around me.  Funny thing, I was getting closer and closer to being like you since I procured a new pair of glasses.  Explore the world, you said, look closely at the things around you.

When I was sixteen, you were the Devil.  I was no angel either.  I traded my glasses for contacts.  I could see so much better than you.  I love you more, you said, even though you hate me right now.

When I was twenty-one, I changed my view.  I was in college and called when I needed money or advice, but mostly money.  I moved to new places and learned about new cultures.  It was then that I began to see you in a different light, I saw you beyond “Mom”.  I called you to ask for advice a lot more than to ask for money.  It’s so exciting that you are adventurous, you said, I was always afraid.  Now hurry up and come home to your Mommy!

When I was thirty, you became my friend.  Our primary relationship faded to shades of gray.  You would always be mother and I your daughter, but it was more complex.   I began to see what you went through to become a mother, the difficulties and the triumphs.  We were both young and didn’t know anything, you said, it’s like we grew up together you and I.

When I had my first baby, I began to see.  What I thought was difficult was nothing compared to motherhood.  The hard times in my life, resolved with Mom’s advice, magnified the lessons I wanted to teach my kids.  I realized how easy it would have been to give up and yet you never did.  The funny thing is, my daughter wants to wear my glasses.  Of course I take them away.  Don’t be like me, I said, be you.

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  1. :( I’m sorry to hear that. It makes me upset when Moms do that to the kids. It’s hard to be a mom, that’s why I waited till I was a lot older to get married and have kids (I’m almost 40!) From the looks of your blog though, you are a fantastic dog mom and someday, you’ll be a great Mom too :).

  2. Oh wow!! It made me cry too when I wrote it. Thank you for commenting, it’s very much appreciated!

  3. That is beautiful!!!

  4. So beautiful! A mother’s love is truly unconditional no matter what we did to ours or our children do to us!

    • So true! Now im finding out just how true haha :-)

  5. This is such a beautiful brought tears to my eyes! I wanted to write a post for my mom on her birthday but just felt like I couldn’t put all my emotions into words. You did this so eloquently with this post (and makes me regret not having written mine!) Maybe next year…;-)

    • Thanks Lisa! I just adore my momma :-) Def write a post fir her, shell love it!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful, wise mother. I have her words of wisdom in my head that I recall daily to get me through. You both are very blessed.

    • Thanks LuAnn! So appreciate your kind words :) She is pretty awesome and I made her cry today (in a good way of course!)

  7. Love this Ladybug.

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