Create your own $10 Cookbook

I have piles and piles of great recipes that I’ve printed out.  Most of the time, I fold them up and place them inside my various cookbooks.  I also have a few family recipes that linger around in a 4×6 recipe box that is opened up usually around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Recently, my Mom came to visit and she told me about a great idea to organize all those recipes that I had laying around as well as to consolidate any of my existing written recipes into one nice and organized binder.  We stopped at Target to purchase the supplies of a binder, plastic inserts, and some tabs.  I went through my recipes and came up with headers that I would use and made sense to me, and then popped the recipes into the binder.  

The really cool thing for me is that it has also helped me to start organizing the dinners I want to cook.  My biggest fault is that I always cook the same thing, over and over and over again every week.  There is usually some variation of a fajita taco night, sausage and saurkraut night, steak and veggie night, stir fry or thai (leftover veggie and meat night), and pizza on Fridays since I’m too exhausted to cook or clean anymore.  I am trying to do one meatless night a week.  Some weeks we are successful and other weeks, well, not so much.

This new format has made it really easy to add some variety to my cooking without making it difficult.  I find five dinner recipes, add the necessary ingredients to my shopping list and then I cook away on the appropriate night.  Yay easy.






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  1. Love this idea…and adore the reason you named this blog Rock Stew. That’s so creative! So glad to connect to you through MadeInaDay! <3 Heidi Rew

    • Thanks! The compliments are lovely! Glad to connect too :)

  2. Great tips…I’m always looking for ways to organize recipes.

  3. I have done the binder recipe organizer idea for years. I now have so many recipes that I have binders labeled “Desserts”, “Main Dishes”, etc. and then a further breakdown of the recipes in each binder, such as “Cakes”, “Cookies”, “Bars”, etc. Your mom is one smart lady!!

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