How a beach vacation and fifteen pounds = a big surprise!

In late June, we went to Destin, Florida for a mini vacation.  If only I knew how much was in store for me!  We are planning for a number two in the family.  TMI alert!! –> Just before we left, Aunt Flo finally came back after an 11 month hiatus thanks to Annabelle and breastfeeding.  It was just a little akward thing that I chalked up to being a fluke, but never the less, I plugged it into my PnO app on my smartphone.  A few dates popped up that happened to coincide with our vacation, so I told Bill we needed to have some quality time Parents Only time on our vacation!

It took 6 months to lose 20 and in 1 month I gained 15, ugh!

Upon our return from Florida, we had a birthday party for Annabelle and my parents came out to visit.  Aunt Flo never came back when she was supposed to, so I bought the generic pregnancy test.  I peed on the stick and it was negative, so I tossed it and went on with my merry life.  I was happy because I could enjoy some wine and try to stay on my diet.   The rest of the month was unusually busy; we celebrated our wedding anniversary, Father’s Day, and then the next weekend we headed out to Billings, MT, my hometown.  It was a crazy month to be sure.  At my parents house, I stepped on the scale, expecting a certain number and was absolutely devastated to see I had gained back almost all of the weight that I had lost during the last six months.  I worked hard to get those pounds off and in one month, it was almost all back.  What the hell!?!

Saying No with a new authority

No to sugar, no to carbs, and no to booze!  I was going to lose those fifteen pounds again if it killed me.  I almost didn’t stop breastfeeding because I was scared I’d actually gain ten more pounds.  I did stop though, like every woman before me has said, “I need my boobs back, thank you.”.  Fortunately, I didn’t gain any weight from stopping, but I didn’t lose any either.  I started up my Bikram Yoga class again, happy to be back after a month hiatus, but I couldn’t get back into my normal routine, I was always breathless and ended up laying down for more than half of the class.  The weight came off excruciatingly slow and it took a month to lose 7 pounds.  My SIL told me while you are nursing, it’s hard to lose the weight because your body holds onto it for energy purposes to assure that there is enough energy to make milk.  I had heard the opposite, that breastfeeding was like doing the FIRM but without doing the FIRM, so I was very dissapointed that I didn’t lose weight like I wanted to while nursing.  (I had fantasies of looking like Gisele after breastfeeding, so who was I kidding anyways).

A positive outlook

Around late July, I was feeling a little better about my body weight.  My husband had the stomach flu and right around that time, I felt a little sick too. I chalked it up to “I just caught whatever he had” and wrote it off.  Then later in the week, I was trying to open up a jar of salsa for taco night and simply could not do it.  That was my first inkling.  During my first pregnancy, I seemed to get an overflow of relaxin, that it seemed impossible to grasp or open anything.  My OB explained the first time around that relaxin doesn’t centralize in your hip area, it goes everywhere and that’s why you drop or can’t grasp things.  I couldn’t be that far along though, my June test was negative and I thought at the most I was a month and a half along.  For that reason, I didn’t hurry up to go buy a test, even though my friends were like, “GO BUY A TEST, WE WANT TO KNOW!”.  I was busy, a few more days passed and then I went to the drug store.  I waited until Bill got home, and that evening took the test.  When it turned positive, I walked out of the bathroom, where he was watching TV on the couch.

“I’m pregnant!”

“NO WAY!?”


“Oh Shit!”  Then he kissed me then he kissed my belly.

We knew we wanted another baby, but the reality of a positive pregnancy test hit both of us with what it really meant to have another on the way.  You see how maturely we handled the conversation by saying Oh Shit!

No doesn’t always mean No

The next morning, I called the OB’s office to schedule an appointment.  My doctor scheduled me for a blood test first to see if enough hormones were in my blood to warrant an ultrasound.  There was.  They set me up for an ultrasound appointment and we told the technition our story, we couldn’t possibly be any further along that 2 months at the very very latest.  Just after starting the ultrasound, she exclaimed, “That is one big baby!”.    What does that mean we asked her?!  Oh shit again.  She asked us to be patient while she got some measurements.

“You are fourteen weeks and two days along.  I think your June pregnancy test was a false negative.”

“What?  I’ve skipped the first trimester, WHAT?”

“February 19th is your due date.”



Plans change and never assume

I am in the throes of organizing, or at least waiting for my Mom to get in town so I can figure out where we are going to put our new baby.  I just realized the family picture we took over the fourth of July, I was already a month and half there, no wonder I was gaining so much weight so quickly.  Anyhoo, my brain is toast, I’m tired all the time and I need her.  Thank God for her otherwise I would have to do it all myself.  I am still in shock though, in February a new baby is coming.  That’s 6 1/2 months from now.  In my mind, I was planning for an April or May baby, so this really changes things up.  I think I’m ready though, I will start getting ready during Annabelle’s naps, just after I eat a few pickles, watch another episode of Leverage, and then take a nap.

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