Happiness at the ‘Do Over’ wedding cake party

“Do Over” wedding cake

Two years and a baby have since passed.  One would think that a girl would get over such silliness.  I never did, every time I thought about that part of the wedding, I became irritated and annoyed.  Instead of letting it get to me anymore, I decided to have a do over.  I was going to make a cake, decorate it, and have a new cutting ceremony.  I planned it as part of my New Years resolution, picked several designs & recipes, had a cake tasting party with my girlfriends, took a cake decorating class, and then on Saturday, July 21, 2012, I finally got my do over wedding cake

Original Wedding Cake circa 2010

I chose to make a spicy chocolate almond cake, in between the layers was Nutella mixed with Almond Paste and a blackberry sauce. The cake was frosted with whipped cream marscapone, and the flowers and vines were made from a cream cheese frosting. I made some variations to the recipe (such as adding red peppers to the buttermilk the night before and then straining out the flakes before making the cake and also I added a ton of powdered sugar & a little gelatin to the frosting to make it stiff).

For the design, I chose to do a design that was simple for me to do and that looked elegant. Based on these two criteria, I did a vine and baby rose pattern along the edges of the cake. The net effect is that it looked much like a Monet painting. I loved how it turned out, even though it wasn’t exactly the design I chose. The reason I chose not a different design was due to my level of skill. Also, I wanted to put my original cake topper on, but it is lost in one of the several boxes packed away in the garage. When we are in control of our own outcome, one has to be flexible.

About 20 people came over for the open house cake party. I got to recut the cake in front of friends and we showed the wedding video for people who were not able to come. I got to recut the cake, but this time with Annabelle in my arms (I hope people don’t get the wrong idea if they see this picture!) and Bill and I fed each other the cake. I was so tickled with the party and now I finally feel like I got my “wedding cake do over”!


Cutting the "Do Over" cake

 If there is an outcome in your life that you’ve been bothered by? Why not consider the “do over”? It worked for me, quite well I must say, and I’m sure it could work for you.

The Happy Family

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