I was funny before I was pregnant

I’m on vacation in Destin, Florida (aka Redneck Riviera) this week celebrating my hubby’s birthday along with some hot a** sun, which we get very little of here in Seattle, even during the summer.  While Annabelle plays in the sand with her cousins and her Daddy, I’ll be catching up on my reading list, like Fifty Shades of Grey (sexy baby!) and Jeanette Winterson’s The PowerBook (mind opening!).

Which reminds me that I’ll be in a swimming suit and I can’t help but think of what I used to look like before baby so I thought you might want to have a glimpse of who I was before marriage and pregnancy.  Rereading old posts from 2008 was interesting because I remember writing them in 2008 and thinking, “Writing a blog is hard work and these are not very funny.”   Fast forward four years and I’m rereading them thinking, “That was pretty clever, I would so be her friend.”  Do you ever do that to yourself?

 Post from 2008:

My First Blog (awwww)

Hot Bikram Yoga is Fun  (back when I actually had time to go to yoga.  Momma friends, do you even remember those days of picking ANY DAY you wanted to exercise?)

Right Left Socks & Cheating at the CakeWalk

My Secret is Sweet Sweet Sugar

I’ll be back next week.

I’m working on being funny again, or at least not being serious about recipes or obsessed about baby sleep. haha.

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