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Gaurdian of Fate Author Interview with L.J. Kentowski

L.J. Kentowski

Guardian of Fate is a fantastic story about epic and age old topics of hell and heaven as told by the narrator, Cassandra Cosgrove.  She is a Guardian of Fate, who protects humans from hell’s maninpulators who are feverishly working to devastate lives. 

Cassandra was holding together a fairly normal life until she found out that she was in danger of losing her own life.  She’s forced to face lies, lust, and love as she travels down a new path in her life. 

I couldn’t put it down!  It’s a throroughly fun ride, I enjoyed it and I know you will too.  Also, the Kindle version:  Guardian Of Fate (Fate Series) is only .99! 
RS:  Tell us a little about yourself…

LJK:  My family and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I was born and raised. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, beautiful 14yr old step-daughter, highly energetic and talkative 6yr old son, and 4yr old Great Dane that make each dayexciting and eventful!  I work a day job during the week, so with that and family fun, I’m usually on the go until around 9PM when I can finally kick my feet up and lose myself in my writing world. I really never planned to be a writer. I went to school for and got degrees in Psychology and Criminology, loading up for a career in the FBI as a profiler. Life had another plan in mind for me, however, when I married my husband. Due to his job, he is not able to leave Milwaukee, and the FBI requires you to relocate, so I had to make a choice awhile back. I had already taken the tests to get into the FBI and passed. In the end, I chose to turn down pursuing the FBI further and get married. It was the best decision I ever made J While I never planned to be a writer, I’ve been a reader and a writer all of my life, but I didn’t start taking my writing seriously though until a couple of years ago.

RS:  Your book, “Guardian of Fate” has characters who originate from earthly world and from “heaven and hell”.  What is it that draws you to these places?

LJK:  The funny thing is, I’m really not a very religious person. I do, however, believe that there is a higher spirit that created this life and that there is a plan for each and every one of us. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of Guardian Angels. It’s wonderful to think that there is some higher being or beings that watch over us as individuals, has “our backs”, if you will, in times of need. To me, the battle between Heaven and Hell is the Ultimate War, and regardless if you believe in the physicality of these places, the concept has been used throughout time, whether it’s seen as good vs. bad, hot vs. cold, black vs. white, or angel vs. demon. It’s a concept that everyone can relate to, and everyone has their own ideas about. It’s definitely a source for great imagination for me.

RS:  Where do you get these creative ideas and how do you keep them fresh?

LJK:  When I was growing up, I watched tons of movies with my family. We used to always compete to figure out the endings, especially the murder mysteries. I was constantly running scenarios in my head of how they would turn out. Same with books. I’ve always had a passion for reading, and often found myself coming up with alternate endings, ways to twist and turn the plots, or shock an audience. My daydreaming days are still going strong, thankfully. I also have some great writing friends that are pretty awesome when it comes to brainstorming with me on particular ideas.

RS:  What advice would you offer to someone who is self publishing?  If you had to do it over again, would you do the same thing?

LJK:  Major booksellers such as and Barnes & Noble have made it so incredibly easy to publish your own material. Literally it is a click of a button. The hard part is making sure that what you are putting out there is just as good as what traditional publishers would market. What I mean is, be a professional and hire professionals. Think of self-publishing as your own business. Hire editors, cover artists, beta readers, etc who have experience in their fields. Remember, what you put out there is a reflection of what you are as an author. If you spent 9 months writing a novel, like me, you want to make sure that all that hard work comes in a nice pretty package. Don’t let editing errors or back cover design take away from the masterpiece you’ve created. Do your homework, get referrals, and don’t settle for less than you think you deserve. One more thing I think is extremely important, and I recently blogged about this experience, is that it is very easy to get caught up in the numbers game. Being self-published means all of the marketing falls on you and this is a big time-consuming part of selling your book. If you’re like me and you are stretched for time to begin with, balancing yourself between a job, family, and your love of writing, it can get pretty stressful. Don’t ever forget how you got to the point of publishing – your love of writing. If you continue to love being a writer, loving the very act of writing, it will show, and eventually success will find you. I firmly believe this.

RS:  What are some ways to handle tough criticism?

LJK:  I won’t lie. Criticism is hard to take. I still get that ‘stomach-drop’ feeling initially. It’s so easy to fall into a defensive mode if someone doesn’t like something about you. I just try to remember that everyone is unique and we all like different things. We’ve all read a book or books that just weren’t for us. While one person may love a character’s personality, another will hate it. There’s really no getting away from that. I told a close friend of mine long ago, that if only one person that I didn’t know loved my book, then I would be happy. Thankfully, I’ve already gotten that wish. I do read reviews, it’s hard not to when you are starting out, but I’ve been steering myself away from them lately as I’ve seen a lot of bad results from authors commenting on their reviews.  I would never say anything negative about a bad review, as everyone has a right to their opinion, but I can see how it would be tempting to try to explain why you wrote something the way you did. I’d rather just avoid that temptation!  

  1. M.L. I am so happy that you haven't given up on your dream! You've overcome so much already, so never turn back. I firmly believe that as long as you keep that dream alive in your soul you will make it happen. I'm honored to be a part of your journey :)

  2. Not just the ladies Heather. I'm very grateful for L.J. and a few other notable author friends. I've been a writer for many years and went into BSU in 2004 attacking the notion of writing for publication with a fervor. After 8 years studying craft and encouraging comments from instructors such as Brady Udall (Author of The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint and The Lonely Polygamist)who told me "you really have the goods to do this" … I hit rock bottom and depression debilitated me, then my brother was killed and it sucked the passion out of my soul.

    It's writers like L.J., W.V. Merrill and Krystal Wade who are showing me that my dream is still alive, not only still alive but so close that I can touch it with both hands. It's up to me to snap out of this funk I'm in and grab onto it with both hands and hold on tight.

    It's wonderful to get to know you better through this interview L.J. and thank you for your advice on self-publishing. I do believe I have the "goods to do this" and the courage to do what ever it takes to hold my published book in my hands.

  3. You are very welcome! Thank you for coming onto the blog, looks like the ladies appreciate your candor :)

  4. I wanted to thank you again, Heather, for having me on Rock Stew! It was truly an honor to be a part of your blog. And thanks so much for the kind words about GOF :) So glad you liked it!

  5. Absolutely, Loni! Thanks!

  6. Very true, Tania. I don't think I'll ever stop getting that feeling. Thanks!

  7. L.J hit the nail on the head with self-publishing and handling criticism. Sometimes what may seem so easy (like self-publishing) it's not. If you want it to look professional, you've got to act professional… and that all starts with you (the author)
    Excellent interview!

  8. Great interview and I liked your take on criticism… it's so true.. I think no matter how many books you write, when an author gets critiqued, that stomach dropping feeling is always there:)

    Congrats on launching such an exciting book:)

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