Spices Are Good for Baby But Not for the Dog

We’ve introduced spices into the babe’s food and she loves it.  I don’t mean love as in the everyday use of love, I mean love as in I will hunt you down for another bite of that awesome plain yogurt with the rice, ginger, and cinnamon!

Before you say, “Oh she’s probably still hungry!”, I’ll have you know that she had already eaten a whole egg spiced with Coriander, six ounces of butternut squash w/ two ounces of puree apples spiced with curry and cayenne, and she just finished a 1/3 cup of yogurt, rice, cinnamon & ginger.      

When we feed her, Cricket hangs out below the high chair hoping to score.  Annabelle knows this and sometimes throws food off her tray.  Usually this is when she’s full.  The ‘item’ in question was just after lunch, when Annabelle had a fantastic meal of sweet potatoes spiced with curry and a smidgen of cayenne.  Annabelle loves curry and I love that I can go to an Indian restaurant and give her food right off my plate. 

But I digress.   Where were we?  Oh yes, as soon as I look away, Annabelle is throwing food over her tray like a WWF champ.  My first priority was Annabelle and I hoped to keep her from getting crap all over the floor.  When I did get my hands on that baby, I cleaned her up good. 

I looked around to see what was left to clean up.  Cricket ate ALL of the food.  I don’t mean like a little bit, I mean like she was sitting on her haunches with a fat grin on her face thinking she just scored the big one.  At first I was grateful that I didn’t have to clean up the mess. That was, I was grateful until evening came.  

In the middle of the night, Cricket started farting in her sleep. Curry farts from a dog is as disgusting as it sounds.

I put Cricket in the spare bedroom. 

The moral of the story is:  Spices in your babe’s diet are really, really good.  She will love you for it.   Add a little bit at a time and increase it as you’re comfortable and be sure to read up on when.
* The article says to wait until baby is at least a year old.  Because I was not ill during my pregnancy and craved hot, spicy food, I felt it would be okay to introduce these early to Annabelle.  I worked with my pediatrician and started very slowly.  I recommend you do the same

The spices we have used Cinnamon, Ginger, Coriander, Tumeric, Cumin, Curry, and Cayenne. 

Spices in the dog’s diet are NOT good. 

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  1. lol! I'm laughing out loud about the curry farts!!!! Just imagine…ANYTHING my dog eats other than dog food results in gas!!!

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