Cricket’s Photo Session w/ Julie Austin Photography

Cricket: Julie Austin Photo

In September 2010, my husband called me and asked me to meet him up at the Bellevue Animal Shelter.  He had a surprise for me; we were going to be getting a new dog.  I was a bit leery, since it had only been a few months since Melvin; my last dog had passed away.  At the shelter, I wanted to find a cute, sweet little dog who would curl up at my feet and cuddle with me on the couch.  We looked and looked at some different small dogs, and then I met Cricket. 

This poor girl was a puppy mill mom for six years until the breeders threw her to the LA pound where she lived for another year.  Somehow, she managed to get up to Seattle where she was in the shelter for another six months until finally someone took her into foster care and even then she was carted between at least two different families for about a year.   I didn’t know this when she jumped onto my lap and rested her head on my forearm.  I fell in love with her at that moment and somehow her awful history made me want to take her home even more. 

While she trusted me, she thought my husband was the devil incarnate.  Every time he would walk through the door, she barked at him like fire and brimstone were coming at her.  Fast forward two years after one pregnancy + one baby and several episodes of Dog Whisperer, Cricket is doing much better.  She doesn’t shake like a vibrating phone or cower in the corner all the time.

To give her more experience with other people and dogs, I took her to the All The Best petcare in Redmond where they let the dogs run loose and I often find the staff supporting Old Dog Haven, which is one of my favorite Seattle charities.  They were running a special for a photo session with Julie Austin photography for $30 donation to Old Dog Haven.  I really wanted to get Cricket’s picture and some interaction with other people.  

After meeting with Julie briefly and seeing how she handled Cricket, I was impressed.  It was also when I realized that Cricket needed some additional help, so we are now working with a trainer to get her “over the hump” of feardom so she can live the rest of her days being happy rather than scared. We may actually be getting a foster dog to help Cricket, but that’s a whole other tangent of madness. 

Back to Julie!  She has a great personality and her pictures really capture the animal’s spirit.  Her demeaner helps the animals to show thier inner identity.  Once we get Cricket a little more calm, we are heading back for sure!     

Julie Austin Photography

RS:  How did you go about selling your first photograph?
JA:  I started taking pictures of friends dogs, and they suggested that I start selling them.  Once I was able to sell a picture to a friend, it went from being a hobby to being something professional and it added a whole different edge to my work.  The reality checks can be difficult sometimes and it’s good to weigh real life questions when you are deciding to get into your own business.

Julie Austin Photography

RS:  If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be?
JA:  It would have to be somebody I respect and admire for their style, like any of the National Geographic photography.  One in particular is
William Albert Allard … the film version is old school, any photographers who use a lot of colors in their work. 

RS:  Your pictures capture great shots of our four legged furry friends. What advice would you give someone who wants to take a good picture of their own animal?
JA:  Get down to their level.  Never use flash because it gives the ‘red eye’ look.  You need lots of treats and patience!  Sometimes it’s ‘Please sit, please sit, please sit!’, and other times you just let the animal do what he’s going to do. 

RS:  Giving back to the community via our four legged friend organizations like Old Dog Haven & being a founding member for HeARTs Speak represents your care & compassion for animals. What advice do you think our furry friends would give us?
JA:  We aren’t always perfect the first week so please have some patience!  Watch the body language, and remember that just because my tail is wagging doesn’t mean I’m always happy.  Having respect that dogs do speak a different language. 

Julie Austin Photography
Get me some Awesome Julie!
Julie Austin Photography RockStew Special

50% off your session fee!

$150 value

With every session, Julie will make a $50 donation to Old Dog Haven!
Sessions must be booked by March 31, 2012 and all sessions must take place before July, 31, 2012.

Julie Austin photographs with the intent to capture & immortalize the heart & soul of your beloved animal companions.  Her artistic portrait sessions use only natural light to photograph the personality and beauty of your pet. Julie loves to capture the special bond between the animal and their humans, so you and your family are welcome to be included in the session.

To see Julie’s recent work, please visit her facebook page, and blog

To book your session, or for more information, please contact Julie at or at 425.802.3933

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  1. She's adorable. I also have a furry baby that has had what I can only assume to be not a easy life. But we love her. I appreciate reading other peoples posts that have furry babies too.

  2. She's adorable. I also have a furry baby that has had what I can only assume to be not a easy life. But we love her. I appreciate reading other peoples posts that have furry babies too.

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