Perception is SO close to Perfection

When I first started this blog, I thought it had to be perfect.  I posted beautiful pictures of crafts, lovely essays ofbaby girl, and cool tips and tricks.  Then one day, I read a great posting about being a blog snob by Morgan from the Inklings of Life which got me thinking about perception and perfection. 

Later that day, I went to the dog park with Annabelle and Cricket.  I pulled my fancy jogging stroller out of the trunk.  The blasted thing was (and is) so heavy it fell to the ground and splattered in the mud.

I tried to undo it and pinched my finger which led to yelling at the stroller with some four letter words which sounded like , “Listen here you ____, I can’t believe you ____ won’t pop open the ___ open and I have to deal with this ____.”  Let’s just say I got a few stares from people driving by.  Why so angry?  I don’t know, maybe after 6 hours of hair pulling, vigilant guarding of what baby is putting in her mouth, hormonal imbalances, and being a little tired it just sort of poured out.  After getting the stroller untangled, I went to get baby out of the car seat and happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror. 

Who needs mom jeans when I can just wear my hair all crazy.

As I walked through the dog park, I noticed that people would either greet my dog or they would smile at the baby, with a quick glance up at me before moving on.  Nothing for the grand master who put this whole mess together.  Most days, I’m cool with it.  I’m used to it by now, but is it too much for the general population to extend just one more greeting? 

And I stopped to read email and take pictures with her phone at the dog park when a lovely Golden Retriever ran up and lifted his leg and almost peed on the stroller.  Almost.  Because I pushed the stroller handles down so the front wheel popped up and that dog piss hit air.   Annabelle laughed.  Now that’s perfect!


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