Sewing the Blocks of my Honeymoon Quilt

Duvet/Quilt Blocks

I’ve finally sewn together all the blocks of my Honeymoon Quilt.  Except, I am going to make a duvet instead of a quilt because we have a need for a duvet and not a quilt at this time and I can always make the quilt using the front panels.

During any project I get excited about, I tend rush headlong into it and before long, I find a grievous error that could have easily been avoided.  While sewing the blocks of my quilt together, I slacked off on cutting my blocks properly because I thought, “Oh, I’ll measure them out properly when I sew.”  Then, when I had to measure them out to sew, I found myself gravitating to the natural edge rather than actually following the measurement I set.  Finally, when I laid out the sewn blocks, I found that because I didn’t have the blocks cut in a square shape, I sewed some of the blocks wrong. 

Cleaned up the edges of the applique

All of this simply reminds me that if I would have done it right the first time, everything would have gone a little bit smoother.  How about you?  Any rush to finish that causes errors?

Can you find my mistake? Hint:  It’s in the bottom 2
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