DIY Baby Blanket from a Crib Bumper

The Guilty Bumper

Since I found out that the baby bumpers could have potential dangers, I’ve removed the bumper and have it in the back of my closet.  I have two of them, one from my shower and one given to me by a friend.  Every time I look at them, I know they should go into the Goodwill pile, but for some reason I just cannot give them away, knowing the danger.  Finally one day, it hit me that the bumper would make a specacularly easy baby blanket.   

After using the blanket for a few days, the most useful feature of the blanket are the tags (formerly used to attach the bumper to the crib).  Annabelle is at an age where she is exploring new fabrics and she gingerly picks up and rubs the tags.   An added bonus is that this blanket folds up neatly.  Be careful about tying the tags and little ones in regards to possible choking hazards.    

1.  Cut the bumper into four equal parts.  Lay the edges next to one another.  I placed all my tags & patterns on one side for matchy matchy, but you could alternate if that pattern suits your taste.

2. If you are NOT keeping the tags (original purpose to tie the bumper to the crib), cut them off. If you are keeping the tags, securely pin them so they do not hit the sew line.

3.  Line up the pieces so that all the cut sides are on one end and all the tags are on one side.  Cross over the short edges so they are about 1/2″ to 1″ crossover and pin.

4.  Straight stitch down one side, I used the middle of the edging as my guideline.  Then, flip over the piece and straight stitch down the other side. 
     *  Be sure to use a needle appropriate for the thickness of the baby blanket
     *  I sewed 2 together, then the second 2 and then connected the two larger pieces.
     *  I sewed over some tags by accident.  Instead of ripping out the seam and starting over again, I just cut the tag off at the base to remove any choking or dangerous hazard that it might have created.

5.  Cut the edges of the blanket so that they are all even and bias tape can be applied.  This is the before picture.  You can see how some ends still have bias tape and some are extended too long.

6.  I made bias tape for this project.  Check it out here

7.  Prepare the blanket for the bias tape (edging).  I cut out the filling  as shown and then folded the remaining over and pinned to secure fabric.  Do this for all pieces as needed.

 7.  I applied the bias tape and pinned.  You’ll see in the picture below, I have two pin lines.  The first was to stabalize the filling and fabric.  The second pin line was to secure the bias tape.  At the middle seams, this was incredibly thick and my pins kept bending so I used a small binder clip. 

 7. Sew the bias tape onto the blanket.     
8.  Clean up all loose threads, remove any pins, and rewash if needed before using.  If you have any suggestions to these steps and/or comments please feel free to leave some!   
Top side of finished blanket (no tags)

Bottom side of finished blanket (tags)


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