DIY Bias Tape

A month ago, I had never heard of such a thing and upon hearing such words, I would have thought I offended you somehow.  Instead, what I found is it’s a type of edging used on quilting, clothing, and all sorts of things to make any sewing project look ‘finished.’ 

In keeping with my NY Resolutions, I decided to make bias tape with a sheet bought from my favorite thrift store.  I found a quality high count thread sheet $4.99.  Bias tape is pretty cheap and not really the point.  This project taught me that patience, a great ruler, and drawing skills are just as important as sewing a straight line.  This project was very easy to accomplish. The hardest part was making sure to line the ends up properly before sewing. 

Instructions (To Prepare Sheet):
1.  Measure and cut the edges off. 

  • I folded the sheet and then cut into multiple layers.

2.  Measure and cut the sheet into 4 equal portions (from the short side) 

  • I folded cut edged sheet in half and then ironed crease and cut along crease.  Repeat this until you have 4 equal strips.    1/4 sheet approximates 8 yards of bias tape.
3.  Follow this step by step tutorial to making bias tape from Prudent Baby
Here are some additional tips if you are new to sewing and just trying this out (but don’t want to buy all the equipment).
  • If you don’t want to buy a ruler, then cut out a piece of cardboard to use.
  • I used a Sharpie pen instead of a fabric pen.  Because the marked edge is in the middle anyways.  I do plan on getting a proper pen, but I didn’t have the time to run out.
  • I purchased the bias tape tip, but found it a bit cumbersome because I wasn’t exactly sure how to use it.  If you choose to iron the bias tape, like I did, then use pins to hold the fabric in place (stick them straight into the fabric & ironing board to loosely hold the tape in place.  Go at your own risk!).  
Here is a video:

My Bias Tape Results:


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