DIY Monogram Swarovski Pearls in a Frame

I’ve been obsessed by Pinterest and also monograms for the past month.  So I decided to make baby girl a lovely monogram using Swarovski pearls.  I chose the pearls instead of crystals because baby girl was born in June and pearls just happens to be her birth stone. 

This year, my resolution is to use only things I have in the house or material that is upcycled.  Because of my jewelry company that I no longer run, I still have lots of Swarovski crystals and pearls laying in a box unused in the back of my closet. 

Time:  6-7 hours
Skill:  Easy to Moderate

  • Frame (without glass) 
    • Size:  15×13 on the outside perimeter.  9 1/2″ by 7 1/2″on the interier perimeter
    • I bought the above frame without glass or a back at a thriftstore for $3.99
  • Swatch of linen
    • I bought a linen tablecloth at thriftstore for $1.99
  • Transfer Paper
    • Purchased at Fabric Store $4.99
  • Swarovski Pearls
    • approx 250 3mm Cream Rose Crystal Pearl
    • approx 20 4mm Cream Rose Crystal Pearl
  • Cardboard (if the frame has no back)  
  • Embroidery Hoop *optional
  • Tape 

Steps*These are the exact steps I took using the materials that I had as listed above.  Please modify if needed!

 1.  The frame I purchased had no glass or back, so I improvised a backing using cardboard.  I cut a piece of the cardboard to match the backing of the frame.  Using the cardboard “backing” piece, I cut out a swatch of fabric that was large enough for me to fold down the edges securely in the back.
Created a cardboard backing
2.  I tea dyed the fabric by soaking the fabric overnight in 8 bags of black tea.  24 hours later, I washed and dried the fabric in the washing machines/dryer then ironed the fabric. 
3.  On the computer, open up Paintbrush.  Using the font LUKE, I selected the text tool and placed in the A.  I could have measured but I eyeballed the appropriate size by holding up the frame next to the computer.  It was approximately 375 pt font.
4.  Place the transfer paper in your printer.  Before printing, read the instructions of Transfer Paper. The directions on the package indicated to print the image in a mirror copy.  I did NOT do that because I wanted the letter A to be on the back as a guide only.  (If the image is on the back, it needs to be backwards so that you can trace it properly.)  If you want this project to be cheaper/more evironmental, I would recommend tracing the letter on the back of your fabric.  Iron the letter onto your fabric. 
5.  Next, get out the embroidery hoop and center the fabric. Be sure that the A is showing from the back of your hoop. (It’s not neccesary to use an embroidery hoop, but it makes this project much easier.)

6.  Double thread your needle and knot it. From the back, pull your needle through the fabric.  Holding the needle, drop a Swarovski pearl through the needle, and then gently pull the needle up. 
Sewing Swarovski Pearls onto linen background
7.  To secure the pearl, push the needle through the fabric in approximately the same place that you came up. The pearl will center above this entry/exit.  Continue “sewing” your pearls to the fabric until you are finished. 
  • Use a variety of sizes to create a variegated look. 
8.  Once you are finished, loosen the fabric from the embroidery hoop.  Iron the fabric where the embroidery hoop has creased the fabric.
9.  Center the fabric over the cardboard and secure the edges to the back using tape.   
Taped linen to cardboard backing
10.  Place the cardboard into the frame and secure.  I placed a secondary piece of cardboard over the top to hide the mess, but this is not a necessary step.
Secondary cardboard
Voila!  Pearl Monogram

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