The Babe’s First Real Food

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Annabelle is growing up so fast already!  Last week, my parents were in town for Christmas and I let my Mom be the first one to feed baby her first solid food.  The process we used to determine what and how to feed her “first food” was based on her pediatrician and a website Wholesome Homemade Baby Food.   In order to make this “doable” for me, it had to be simple and easy.  So, I make real food when we are at home and then when I need to for convenience, I will use jar food or whatever healthy variety is out there.  If you are thinking about making baby food at home, here is the system I use at home to make it easy:  (And more pictures of Annabelle)

  • Puree the Food
  • Food Storage System
    • Kidco Babysteps Freezer Trays – 2pk:  I love these!  You can also buy this Food Storage system at Whole Foods as well.  3 sets (6 total trays) is enough for me to have a few extras in the freezer while some are in transit through the dishwasher.  ($10/each)
  • Feeding Dish
    • KidCo BabySteps Feeding Dish:  The feeding dish has the same shape as the freezer tray so all I have to do is pop out the frozen food from storage and then pop it into the feeding dish.  I have one feeding dish for every tray set.  This also comes with a spoon and a cover so you can easily transport a meal if you’d like.  Super easy!  ($8/each).   
  • Other
    • Additional Spoons
    • Bibs
    • A proper high chair!
Grandma feeding Avocado to baby

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make food at home, I thought it would be too difficult.  If you feel this way, but still want to try making food at home, start off with one set (potato ricer, freezer tray, and dish) and see how it goes ($~30 investment).  Long term, it’s cheaper with a bit more effort. 

We started Annabelle at about 6 1/2 months when we knew her sitting skills and her sucking reflexes were much lower.  This made feeding her quite easy. 

Baby Led Weaning (almost)

I’m also interested in this newfangled idea of Baby Led Weaning which is introducing non pureed food to the baby.  I wondered about choking too, but the theory is that because the baby has control over the food, they will chew off a bite that they can handle.  We tried it, watching her carefully and she did great!  It takes patience because the babe isn’t great at chewing food and it was hard for her to hold the Avocado because it was so slippery.  Overall, I was quite surprised at how well she did and how much she liked handling/controlling her own food. 

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  1. She was so easy to feed… just opened that mouth like a pro and didn't try to manhandle the spoon..
    Grandma loves her little sweetie..

  2. She was so easy to feed… just opened that mouth like a pro and didn't try to manhandle the spoon..
    Grandma loves her little sweetie..

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