Happy Happy New Years Resolutions 2012

Resolutions for a new year should be about doing the things you want to do.  Accomplishing those things does not mean its always easy though, but in the end worth it.  This year, 2012, could be our last according to the Mayan calender which begs the question:  If not now then when?  I’m a big believer in making dreams come true and accomplishing whatever it is you want to do – no matter how silly, extreme, or stupid the resolution is.  Of course there are a million reasons to quit, give up, and divest dreams, and it takes a certain amount of tenacity to poo poo those dreams.  I believe it takes just as much energy to quitclaim a wish as it does to make it happen.  So if it takes the same amount of energy, I might as well go for it. 

Resolution 1:  From Potato Head to a Skinny Cow
The baby weight packed itself on!  Maybe I was a bit overzealous during pregnancy and my eating habits, as in “I’m having a baby, of COURSE I can have fried chicken with a pickle every day.”  Oh well, I’m here.  We are going to try for baby 2 in about 6 months and I don’t want to be fat at the start of baby 2 and then gain another 40 pounds.

When baby was a month old, we both had Thrush.  For a holyhell MONTH.  As a result, I had to go on a diet that restricts the growth of yeast in the human body called Healing Naturally by Bee.  The weight came off so I’m going back to it again.  My ultimate goal here is to get off the sugar and move to a low carb/high protein diet, stop eating processed foods, eat foods that are less harmful to the environment (less beef more eggs) and up my vegetarian count. Whatever weight comes off is what comes off.  In other words, I’m not shooting for a specific number.  Goodbye Sugar Hello Turnips!

Resolution 2:  Baking a Wedding Cake

My wedding cake

My wedding planner messed up the wedding cake.  It was supposed to be a 3 tier thing of beauty.  The vanilla cream cheese mascarpone frosting was supposed to be spackled onto the cake to make it look whimsical and like a cloud of heaven and the cake itself was to be dark delicious and moist chocolate.  In addition to it being wrong, NO ONE GOT TO TASTE IT because the planner “lost” the cake and I *think* it went to the help.  Grr.  Even two years later it still rankles my nerves even though I know deep down inside that the bigger picture of the wedding was amazing.  I feel like baking a new wedding cake and throwing a party is the only way to remove this deep irrational irritation which I know logically shouldn’t even be there.  I also KNOW I have conflicting resolutions with the diet one above, but I’m not eating the whole thing just a slice. 

Resolution 3:  Finish my Honeymoon Quilt
Just after the wedding I designed a cool pattern that has the Buddhist shell to represent India, the shells are lined up to create a flower to represent the orchids in Bali, and the fabric is an Asian print silk to represent Hong Kong.  This thing has been sitting around for the last year collecting dust and I need to finish it.  The jury is still out on whether it will be a quilt or duvet though …   

Resolution 4:  Craft using only things I already own OR Upcycle
I really do love making crafts and have a number of items to make this year including a fun monogram, a doggy bed, a doggy coat, some jewelry, things for the house, and so on.  We’ll see how much I actually get done with Annabelle and her shifting schedule.  Her naps are getting shorter and she’s beginning to crawl (almost!) and that is so much more exciting than making a new doggy sweater anyways.

Resolution 5:  Go to a Buck Brannaman horse clinic
My first experience with a horse was at my Grandma’s farm when I was 7 years old.  There was an old mare Cayenne that nobody rode anymore.  I would get on her by jumping up on an old bucket and ride her bareback with a hay twine around her neck.  Fast forward thirty years and my friend Dawn turned me onto a documentary called Buck about a Montana boy Buck Brannaman who is one of the premier horse trainers.  He uses a methodology of working with the horses assets rather than forcing the animal to submit.  The documentary was amazing and I’m going to one of his clinics as a result.   

Maybe Resolution 6:  Making it to the Front Row of my Bikram Yoga class
This is a maybe because I simply don’t know how committed I can be to getting into yoga classes with Annabelle and Bill’s schedule heating up this next year.  What I would like to do is get good enough to be in the front row and do a complete Tree Pose or Tadasana (Sanskrit) …

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