Should You Get a Dog?

Dogs deserve every right to be chosen by a human who will commit to the money, time, and energy it takes. They look so cute and easy to take care of on TV and in the movies. Take this quick quiz to see if you should reconsider the purchase of a pooch:

1. Do you like dogs?
If you are being pressured by someone to get a dog or think this would be a cute present for someone, please rethink the strategy. More dogs end up in shelters because of good intentions gone awry.

2. Will you pick up dog poop, mop dog pee, or wipe up dog vomit?Most dogs can be trained when and where to go (outside or on a peepad), but accidents do happen! Puppies and older dogs typically need more forgiveness then thier middle aged counterparts. At some point, you must be willing to put your hand in the poop bag and scoop it up.

3. Is anyone in your family allergic, are there other health considerations?
I would hope that you would choose a spouse’s breathing capability before any percieved need to get a dog. If you are on the verge of divorce and want a dog to take to the park, I suggest you spend your money on counseling, not a dog.

4. Does your building allow dogs?
Hello! If your building does not allow dogs, please do not think you can SNEAK pooch in. People often rent housing that is ‘animal’ free due to allergies or other health considerations. Owning a pet is a part of being a responsible adult and following some basic rules.

5. Are you financially stable?
Dogs can be expensive. Assume approximately $100 per vet visit (3x year). Teeth cleaning = $700. Don’t forget food, toys, leashes/collar, gas to drive to the dog park.

If you answered Yes to all the above questions, you may be ready for dog ownership! There are several other considerations though, such as the temprement of the dog, size, hair type, age, and where to find the perfect dog for you.

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