Baby Steps Make a Miracle

On Saturday, I managed to get in a fairly long run (5 miles) and a decent Bikram session in the afternoon. While at yoga, I placed my feet together and realized there was s blister from my shoes. The blister was near the bottom of my feet, on the instep and just under my ankle bone. The reason for the blister is the shoes are meant to prevent pronating. The shoe is built with additional padding within the instep, and it got me to wondering.

Really? The use of an insert is meant to prevent a skeletal issue? Obviously not because I only got a blister. However, says this of the insert:

If you overpronate, get a running shoe with extra medial support. Many running
shoes have a harder material on the inside of the midsole (the thick hard foam
part of the running shoe). This means the inside of the shoe will be compressed
less under load and support the inside of the foot preventing it from rolling in
or flattening.

Still … dude … I just got a blister. I don’t think a footpad and orthopaedics will solve my problem. Of course, this is the internet so I shouldn’t be expecting a full diagnosis. I’d like to surmise that the pronation has happened from years of an unbalanced outer thigh to inner thigh relationship. My outer thigh muscles have always been stronger than my inner thigh muscles, and I’ve learned from taking yoga that when I lift my legs in the floor series, my legs want to curl in. I asked my teacher about this, and she said that I need to focus on applying additional inner thigh strength as I performed the leg lift. I’ve been working on this for about 4 months now, and I finally I can lift both my legs without them naturally wanting to curl in.

“The ankle bone is connected to the knee bone is connected to the hip bone … “

Now, I’m also having some knee problems kick in after mile 4. This has been pretty consistent, and I don’t want to run in pain. I’m going to continue to train for the marathon and will be focused on balancing my muscle strength in yoga, and buying some props to keep me up and running. These little baby steps will keep me on track to running the marathon.

“Baby steps will make a miracle. Miracles do not make baby steps.”

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