Melvin the Psuedo Guard Dog

Hiking Tiger Sunday morning was tough. I looked from my bed covers and saw that it was raining. On the trail, it was cold and muddy. The leaves made the trail slippery. The good news is that Bill and I FINALLY beat our time by 15 minutes. We are getting faster (I think it’s the cold and rain that motivated us?) About half way through, it stopped raining, and it felt great to be up there, breathing fresh air.

At the top of the mountain, we met the OSAT guys. Some of them bring their dogs, and Melvin hates other dogs. He growled like a well trained guard dog about to jump and land his imaginary teeth into the other dog. Yet Melvin has no teeth. Does he not know this? While I try to appear concerned, inside I’m laughing because it’s funny to watch Melvin try to “school” a dog that is at least 4x his size. The other dog usually looks at him like, “Dude, enough already.” Afterwards though, I feel guilty like it’s my kid who is the class bully and trying to beat up the other dogs for their lunch money.
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