Impeccable Words of a Friend

It’s four in the morning and we shared memories; some very old ones that still make us smile, the deep kind of smile you have for a memory. For me, DC is the first time I ventured out of the Montana hills and into an area that would inevitably change the way I lived my life, the views I held, and the way I thought about myself. I stayed with Carolyn, whom I have known for eleven years. We met because we lived in an apartment building off King Street, near downtown Alexandria, and our roommates had dogs. It still amazes me the kind of random chances life throws around like rag doll shaken by a German hound dog. Grab a hold of that rag doll and pull baby!

It was so easy to be friends ten years ago. We all smiled and laughed and played in the big city. Our unfettered lives were filled with working hard and traveling for work, happy hours in a bar full of beautiful people with personalities and that old Southern charm (on the VA side of course), Stevie Wonder showed up at Felix’s Martini Bar bar so they locked the doors and opened the windows one humid summer night, and we danced til four in the morning. Another night I met the president elect of a foreign country and his entourage, enjoying expensive champagne on a Thursday night in what started off as a happy hour, and I was still wearing my work clothes. The best fun was being with the girls, and rebelrousing. Everyone should have a life this good.  Everyone should be so lucky to have friends.
When I moved to Seattle, it was hard when I couldn’t find friends as fast as I did in DC. It was so easy in DC, I assumed it would be easy in Seattle. I have some wonderful friends now ~ and a pretty great guy in my life. Pretty amazing actually, and I’m excited for this new life (finally).
We’ve all made a pact to get together once a year to see each other with the new loves and babies in our lives, and to honor the memory of our friend. Everyone’s invited! We are planning on meeting in the middle somewhere, probably Colorado, for a few days of skiing, laughing, and being a part of each other’s life again. My impeccable word as a friend, I’ll be there baby …
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