Hot Bikram Yoga is Fun!

Bikram Yoga is the most delicious thing one can do for the body in the midst of a holy hot room, smelly neighbors, and interesting positions. I believe some day; I will be able to stick my own foot up by ass. Metaphorically, I am able to do this, but not yet literally, and I would like to achieve parity in my life between who I think I am what I can actually do.

Bikram Choudhury says you must try. And I love love love it. A year ago, my friend Brent introduced me to Bikram Yoga. I was addicted from the first class, and I knew it when I finished the class drenched and sat in the waiting room on a cool wooden bench and gulped a whole liter of water.

Why oh why oh why: Umm. After six months, I quit smoking, I’m able to breathe through stressful situations at work, and after these huge hikes, Bill complains of muscle cramps and I have none. At first, my bones and joints creaked out of class, but as soon as I was back in the room the joints were getting oiled up again with the heat, stretching, and relaxation. The whole structure of my body is changing, muscles are being balanced out in strength and my skeletal system is straightening out.

My mom told me the other day she heard Hot Yoga is not safe. There are lots of people who think Bikram ‘walks the line’ from the über Yoga traditionalist to the medical community. If you don’t hydrate properly, it can be dangerous. This means before, after, and during. Otherwise, I am not a doctor, so I can’t comment on such a claim. However, I can comment on my own changes. Better overall health, better sex (position 4 is supposed to be really good for that), flexibility, less fat, and I finally quit smoking (more importantly, the urge to smoke is gone)!! I’m a fanatic and trying to convince Bill to go to Yoga with me. When I mention it to him, he laughs, like, “You are never going to get me in that class, but I think it’s cute that you keep trying” laugh.

Google Bikram Yoga in your area. Hot Yoga is not sanctioned by the Bikram folks, as there are some strict standards regarding teachers, poses, and classroom settings. If you want a location that offers different classes like Power Yoga, then you’re better off at a Hot Yoga place.

Studios in Seattle: I used to go to a studio in West Seattle. Since I moved in with my boyfriend, I tried a studio in Kirkland, Hot Yoga of Kirkland. While they “do” yoga and it replicates Bikram, it’s not “Bikram” approved. Some of the teachers use music during class which messes up my meditation. Mid November 2008, a studio is opening in Redmond, the Bikram Yoga of Redmond. Hurry up and open the studio already Jenny!! I am only going twice a week right now, and as soon as her studio opens (a few blocks from my house no less). Pose This!

For testimonials, please click on Bikram’s webpage, and on the right side click on Testimonials: It is a complete body workout including stretching and strength as well as all of the following: TRANQUILITY High Blood Pressure, Peace of the Mind CARDIOVASCULAR Arteriosclerosis, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Small Arteries & Poor Circulation DIGESTIVE Anorexia Bulimia, Hypoglycemia ENDOCRINE Diabetes HEARING Tinnitus IMMUNE DEFENSE Auto immunity, Auto immune Hepatitis, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis C, Lyme Disease INTEGUMENTARY Skin Conditions, Psoriatic Arthritis MUSCULAR SYSTEM Chronic Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Injury & Pain, Traumatic Accident Recovery, Healing Old Injuries NERVOUS SYSTEM Anxiety Attacks, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Depression – Menopause , Digestion/Depression, Emotional Healing, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Insomnia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Sciatica, Weight Loss RENALKidney Cancer, Kidney Condition REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Breast Lump, Cervical Cancer, Menopause, Menstrual Cramps, Menstrual Cycle, PMS, Pregnancy Yoga RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Sinus Infections, Migraine SKELETAL SYSTEM Ankylosing Spondylitis/Back Pain, Arthritis, Arthritis & Hip Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain Neck & Back Pains, Bulging Disc, Chronic Neck Pains, Herniated Discs, Hip Replacement & Follow-Up, Knee Surgery Recovery, Knee & Foot Alignment/Scoliosis, Leg Pain, Neck Injury Osteoarthristis Hips, Osteoarthristic Hips and Low Back, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scheuermans Disease, Scoliosis, Spinal Injury

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